Turkey is one of the top 7 countries in the world with almost 500 thermal springs. In addition, our resources are superior to thermal waters in Europe in terms of water quality, flow rate, and temperature, as well as various physical and chemical properties. Healing waters have properties that treat many problems, ranging from rheumatic diseases, accelerated metabolism, skin diseases, and ending with women's diseases. Besides,

* Owing to health care reform Turkey has included thermal tourism in the provision of quality medical care.

* Our country has an important geographic location that serves to approximately 1 billion people and 57 countries within a 4-hour flight distance.

* Turkey provides ease of transportation with its international aviation brand Turkish Airlines, which flies to most destinations (120 countries, 299 cities and 302 airports) in the world.

* Turkey ranks 1st in Europe in terms of the number of thermal springs.

* The hospitality of Turkish people is known all over the world.

*  Our country is preferred due to its favourable climate, historical places, and tourist centres.

* Healthcare in Turkey is cheaper than in other European and American countries.



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